Telephone Lines and Services

Blake Telecom are fully experienced in offering a comprehensive range of business phone line options, tailored to your exacting needs. All of our support staff have direct access to remote diagnostics tools onto various networks from BT to Virgin, enabling us to offer outstanding levels of customer service directly to our customers. All this on one easy to understand invoice

VoIP lines

VoIP lines (trunks) are the next generation in telephone services. They enable customers to have far more flexibility and benefits than standard telephone lines whilst saving money. We simply connect your business telephones onto our network through our super fast broadband or Ethernet connections to carry and control your inbound and outbound voice calls with ease.

Using SIP Calls Means..

  • Elimination of overlapping networks and their costs. Instead of operating and maintaining both data and telephone voice networks, one IP-based network provides multiple digital streaming capabilities. This also eliminates the issues related to growth and the need to add to physical infrastructure for additional users.
  • Elimination of local IP-PSTN gateways. This saves on telephony costs and additional costs on upgrades. Instead of purchasing hardware to move from one E1/T1 to two or upgrading to higher service levels with STM-1, you simply increase your Internet bandwidth. This eliminates hardware purchases, installation and maintenance costs.
  • Elimination of ISDN lines by 2025. Because of the elimination of the IP-PSTN gateway, the SIP trunk connects directly to jour network thus saving money on installation costs and additional engineering. The service that replaces them is less expensive and lines do not have to be purchased in blocks of the traditional 2,8 or 10 lines – they can be rented individually to offer further flexibility. The scalability of SIP trunking means bandwidth can be purchased in smaller increments and at lower rates.
  • Saving on costs of long distance calls. Long distance services are a great deal less expensive with SIP trunking. In effect, all calls become local calls.
  • Flexible numbering. With the use of SIP calls you can have a presence in an are such as London and answer the calls in your office in Newcastle over the Internet with no PSTN involvement or expense. Local numbers can be provided in each city, which are terminated locally when picked up and place on the Internet.
  • Enhanced use of an Office Communications Server. In addition to using current services you can easily access any new services offered by us without further investment. These new services include CTI applications, call recording and much more.

Other Types Of Lines We Provide

  • Single and Multi-Analogue lines.

Single lines. Just like your telephone line at home, the analogue lines can be used to support broadband internet or as a basic telephone line/s for your business. These type of lines are quite limited in functionality however they are great for basic usage.

With a multi line setup your telephone system can can have more telephone lines on your phone system but keep the same number.

  • ISDN 2 and 30 lines (End of life 2025).

ISDN2 lines – which are end of life in 2025 – are digital lines offering clarity of speech lots more functionality over analogue lines. ISDN 2 start from 2 lines, however you can add further lines in multiples of two (up to 8 lines) as your business grows. Once you reach 8 lines (4 x ISDN2) it does become cheaper to use ISDN30 lines. Functionality includes Caller ID, DDI ranges and much more.

ISDN 30 is a great solution for businesses requiring 8 or more lines and can offer up to a maximum of 30 channels. but can only be provided if a minimum of 8 channels are needed. Functionality includes Caller ID, DDI ranges and much more.

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