Our high speed internet is a proven market leader ensuring your business will receive only the very best quality and service available.
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All of our connection are loaded with features, security and come without limitations so we do not slow any speeds and leave our services uncontended.
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With a wide range of internet products to suit every size of business you can rest assured that Blake Telecom have the perfect solution for your business.
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Business grade broadband without limitations and the highest quality available

With a choice of high speed broadband services available you need to make sure that you get the exact service suited to your business. With this in mind our team ensure that we look at your business and how it is looking move forward and grow and as our connections are the best quality connections available, we know that we have the correct product for you.

As technology is moving so quickly in today’s business world, you need a communications company you can rely on and Blake Telecom has the perfect solution to support every high speed internet requirement. Our platform is tailor made to offer our clients all the high speed they require at a fantastic price.

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband is delivered in 2 different ways. 1. FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) and 2. FTTP(Fibre to the premises) – both of which are detailed by clicking here. The connection is still shared however due to the connection being over fibre you will get exceedingly higher broadband speeds.


ADSL Broadband is available in most areas throughout the country, however because of the legacy technology the speeds only reach around 26Mbs which is great for a cost effect, low user connection. The connection is sent over a copper cable to a master socket on your premises where it is then connected to your network and is a “shared” connection so speeds to vary especially in hard to reach areas of the country.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are fantastic for optimal speed. Not only do you get synchronous up and down speeds you also have a one to one connection negating the issue with sharing the connection with other users in the area. These connections are fully managed and offer the highest level resilience and service.

Get A Free Static IP Address (more if required) with every internet connection and business grade hardware to match

Don't settle with poor broadband - call our team today and let your business communicate with ease
High speed broadband which is reliable yet cost effective. Suitable for companies who are light users of broadband ie emails and browsing. This service is dependant on how far away your business is from the local exchange and speeds may vary but still great.
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Suitable for most small to medium sized businesses that require fantastic speeds for collaboration, file sharing, video conferencing and more. This is still a shared connection however these are far higher speeds than an ADSL connection.
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With a one to one connection with the local exchange, your business will receive the very best quality of internet connectivity available. With speeds into gigabits uploading and downloading will never be an issue. Your service is never shared and monitored 24 hours per day.
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Monitored high quality support

Your leased service is fully monitored 24 hours per day 365 days per year to help and support your services and standard connections can report any issues too. The quality is of our internet services speak for themselves as our customers fully recommend them.

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With various solutions to help your company communicating, Blake Telecom have the perfect product with first class service
Blake Telecom specialise in various telephone system manufacturers from Panasonic, Samsung and more with a solution to fit every size of business.
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Get Flexible Cloud Solutions Without High Costs. Your Business Could Be Using The Very Latest Cloud Technology With High Security Features To Ensure Your Staff Can Be Available To Work Anywhere.
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Host Your Telephones With Blake Telecom To Have Telephone Connectivity Anywhere In The World. You Can Have All The Features Of A Site Based System Without The Associated Costs.
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Our staff are available 24 hours per day 365 days per year to help and support your telephone services. Even if your services are not with us we will strive to help your business keep communicating.
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